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Millenium Challenge Account

Millennium Challenge Account Moldova (MCA Moldova) is a public entity established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova 

to ensure efficient implementation of the Compact Agreement and other investment and technical assistance projects.

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Web DesignWeb design services, Logos, Brandbook. Front-end
Web development, e-commerce, web portals.
Site optimization and promotionSearch Engine Optimization, site optimization, social promotion. Mobile Application DevelopmentWe have established a strong expertise in the mobile domain Maintenance and control Maintanence and control. Content Management Sustem

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Creation of a site - a step towards the development of your business! 

Who are you?

You are businessman or a talented entrepreneur who managed to develop his own type of service and now enjoys enormous demand among consumers. You have successfully stand at the helm of the business, confidently leading it to the top of the well-being.

What are you interested in?

Of course, you want to increase the number of customers, bring business to the next level, to be recognized by thousands or better millions of people, many of whom will be really interested in your product.

Where to look for new clients?

Welcome to the Internet, unlimited space, and an endless flow of information, where users are looking for something... Perhaps it is your products. So bragging your rights on the Internet! All the more so with our help, it would be so easy to do!

What do you need for?

How the customers will  find you? If you have previously met them in the office but  how to organize your meeting in the virtual space? The answer is obvious - you need your own website- a private office in the World Wide Web, which at first glance would inspire confidence in your company, the place where the consumer can familiarize with your company’s goods or services and  to make an order.

What can we offer?

Site development - the main specialization of our team, which develops all kind of projects, from simple electronic business card till corporate site. We have  a powerful tool, competent use of  which will result with new mutual and beneficial partnerships.

Our company offers  the following services:

  • -Web Design, regardless of its complexity and orientation;
  • -Website maintenance, development and filling it with content;
  • -Web Site Promotion to each user which can without difficulty to find your resource among hundreds of competing resources;
  • -Post Development  Technical Support

Why should you apply to us?

Ordering the creation of a site in our company, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • -a modern, multi-resource, as precisely adapted to the specifics of your business;
  • -Web site design, developed by our best specialists which will put together a draft concept of the site, combining modern style and ergonomics. It will attract the attention of users at a glance. Is it not that you really need?
  • -Search Engine Optimization, well-written key requests and the maximum adjustment for the subsequent promotion of the site, so your site will take a leading position in the issuance;
  • -all your ideas and requests will be realized in its entirety.

What do you prefer?

Now you have a choice: to continue the search for another company for "the process of birth" of your web project or contact our managers in order to obtain in short time a powerful tool for development of your online business. We will create a site that will be your representative office on the World Wide Web!